G Pack
Topical 50% Vitamin C + Glutathione powder. Protect, repair & brighten skin.

Plump Jelly

Hyaluronic Serum

Cosmic Cream

Dewy decadence that melts in. Moisturize & replenish.
Mini Dew
Quench your brain. Hydration & Mineralization.


Protective mushroom. Energy & immunity.

Ashwagandha Root Powder Extract

Mood root. 15:1 Full-spectrum root extract.
Brain Dust
Adaptogens for focus. mental stamina, alertness & concentration


meditation you can cip. relaxation, brain health & sleep.


caffeine-free pick-me-up. energy, metabolism & mood.
cellular skin care. collagen, elasticity & cell vitality.


daily stress management. energy, mood & focus.


multivitamin + hair magic. healthier, stronger, thicker hair.
acid potion
quickie liquid facial. exfoliate, unclog & soothe.

collagen protect

skin care you can drink. minimize fine lines + hydrate skin from the inside out.

sex dust

adaptogens for fire. libido, hormonal balance & creative energy.
full moon sachets
adaptogens for sex, brain, spirit, dream, power & beauty. 12 sachets.

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You have luxe taste.

I am so excited to share this tried and tested system with you all!

What is Well Bebe?

The Well Bebe method is my way of sharing the peace of mind I achieved by creating routines that benefit the overall wellness of parent and child. The program teaches parents how to foster the right environment and schedule, without sacrificing themselves or their babies’ care. The program incorporates a combination of methods to help parents improve their child’s quality of sleep, provide nutritional practices that promote a healthy diet and to empower parents and children to create and commit to routines that support overall wellness.


Latest on the Blog

Latest on the Blog