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Dominga House / RBK arquitectura

  • Curated by Benjamin Zapico
  • Architects: RBK arquitectura
  • Area: 310 m²
  • Year: 2022
  • Photographs:Luis Barandiarán
  • Manufacturers:  FV, ferrum, leddesing
  • Lead Architects: Marcelo Rebecca, Luciano Rebecca, Matias Rebecca, Victoria Poletti.
  • City: Don Torcuato
  • Country: Argentina

Text description provided by the architects. There are processes of renewal and recomposition that form the directive structure of the development of this sustainable architecture. The totalizing objective of the project coexists constantly throughout the work with the purpose and conviction of enriching the (pre) existing, in order to achieve a superior transformation. 

The project is developed on a corner plot of 850m2, in a semi-closed neighborhood of old country houses; which had an existing two-story chalet-style house, from the late seventies, in use that needed to be expanded and modified in its entirety. The client (typical family) urgently needed a change. The house required enlarging the spaces and volumes to completely transform the quality of life of all its members. The initial concepts of the project were realized together with the demands, requirements, and dreams of each of the group members. The foundational premise was that the new house should be able to recycle as many materials as possible from its existing house. Designing in a fluid back and forth with the future guests, until the preliminary sketches are resolved for the project and the definitive start. Thus, CASA DOMINGA was born. 

Throughout the course of the work, the roof trusses were recovered (initially to be used as new inverted trusses, as well as 90% of all the wood from the construction process of the concrete block), which was reused as interior cladding. The main load-bearing masonry walls were preserved, where the new upper floor slabs were mounted and the elements that migrated from the primary demolition were reused as secondary profiles. 

The concept of sustainability was a fundamental part that should link the narrative of the new use and recycling in an amalgamation of elementary requests; a collection of rainwater for primary irrigation + north-facing solar panels to supply (led) lighting throughout the house + shades to the north of the plot + a high recovery solar water heater + cross ventilation in common spaces + water tanks with their own ecosystems. The demand was clear, the project had to provide a bedroom for each of its young members (one of them with its own bathroom) and a separate (but close) suite for the adult couple. A recreation space SUM, living room-dining room combined through an underground wine cellar that integrates with the kitchen-dining room, a space for physical activity with a sauna, and a barbecue-fireplace area for large family gatherings outdoors.

Taking advantage of the full width of the site, the studio managed to solve the program requested by the clients in an “L” morphology and layout, organized by the limits of the existing house and the specificities of the plot and its boundaries. Placing the main facade towards the interior of the plot, thus obtaining the best orientation, visuals, and privacy with the public street. 

We created with the composition of its finishes a unique architectural personality, CASA DOMINGA lives with the adjacent ecosystem and coexists day and night with the surrounding landscape.