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Oreo Truffle-Stuffed Strawberries

These Oreo Truffle-Stuffed Strawberries are addictive, easy and come together in minutes with just four simple ingredients!

Course: Dessert, No-Bake, No-Bake Treats

Cuisine: American, Dessert

Servings: 8 -12

Author: Hayley Parker, The Domestic Rebel


  • One pound big fresh strawberries tops cut off
  • 24 Double Stuf Oreo cookies
  • 4 ounces cream cheese
  • 12 ounces (One 12-ounce package) chocolate candy melts such as Ghirardelli
  • Chocolate sprinkles optional but recommended


  • Cut the green caps off of the strawberries in a straight-across line. Using a melon baller or huller, hull the center of each strawberry to create a round bowl in the center of the berry. Discard the tops and filling. Pat the strawberries, especially the cut side, dry with a paper towel or dish towel. Set the strawberries onto a parchment-lined baking sheet.
  • In a food processor, pulse the Oreo cookies until fine crumbs are achieved. Add in the cream cheese and beat until mixture is moistened and tacky and can easily form a ball.
  • Using a 1/2 Tablespoon-size or 2-teaspoon size measuring spoon, form Oreo truffle balls. Gently press each truffle ball into the center of the berry, pressing the tops to lie flush with the cut strawberry. Repeat with remaining truffles and berries. You may have additional Oreo truffle “dough” – just use this to make Oreo truffles!
  • Melt the candy melts according to package directions. Dip the tops of the berries into the chocolate mixture, allowing any excess to drop off. Dredge in chocolate sprinkles, or sprinkle with any remaining crushed Oreo crumbs. Allow chocolate to set on the strawberries before serving. These strawberries are best made and served the same day.

By DomesticRebel